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 Chandigarh also known by the name City Beautiful is the first modern planned city of India. Chandigarh serves as the capital of two states namely Punjab and Haryana.The city being both a bustling metropolis and a commercial hub, will surely bowl you down with its impeccable hospitality.releaseMyAd,helps advertisers buy media in this city in order to publicize their brand or message in the most remarkable way.Our experts are nothing less than a factory of innovation and  genius,which results you in procuring the right time and space over the different advertising mediums at the most comfortable rates!

Newspaper View Rates
  • Main Edition
  • 20cm X 12cm Ad
  • Any Page

Dainik Bhaskar :


Hindustan Times :


  • 15 Secs Jingle
  • 7 Spots/Day
  • 7 Days

Big FM :




  • 20 Seconds
  • Audio Slide
  • 15 Days

Big Cinemas :


Fun Cinemas :


  • 100+ Websites
  • 10000 Impressions
  • 100 Clicks

Google Search Advertising :


Display Network Advertising :


Which Media is good for which budget?

releaseMyAd@Chandiagarh understands the increasing costs in this world. With Chandigarh’s development, each and every commodity or service is increasing its price rapidly which makes it troublesome for companies to get low media buying rates like before. Due to its notoriety in the market, releaseMyAd@Chandigarh is able to get the lowest rates with its strong negotiations. Our emphasis is on delivering real and significant growth for your brand, by thoroughly understanding your business, challenging conventions and using media which breaks through the media clutter and help you stand out.


Since we known as the largest online advertising agency in India, we are able to get you the most competitive prices. Our low rates and great services is what makes us so popular even among Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). This SMBs find our company extremely approachable as we create the most innovative and memorable ads without breaking their budget restrictions. To get a taste of our Media Buying services, contact us today.