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At releaseMyAd@Chandigarh, we concentrate on Media planning with the latest media, industry and client research with our deep reservoir of experience. Our strategic recommendations are made only after studying your competitive environment to ensure impactful weight levels. We give you a leading edge amongst your competitors, eliminating any squandered impressions.


Top English Newspaper :

Dainik Bhaskar

Top Regional Newspaper :

Hindustan Times


Popular Radio Stations :

Big FM


FM Stations

Top Cinema Theatres :

Big Cinemas

Fun Cinemas

Movie Theatres

Google Search Advertising

Display Network Advertising

Chandigarh Demographics
Top Target Locations
  • Aerodrome Chandigarh
  • Bajwara Chandigarh
  • Burail
  • Chandigarh
  • Engg College
  • General Bus Stand
  • Industrial Area Sector 28
  • Mani Mazra
  • Mohali Sas Nagar
  • New Secretariate
  • Sector 10 Chandigarh
  • Sector 11 Chandigarh
  • Sector 12 Chandigarh
  • Sector 14 Chandigarh
  • Sector 16 Chandigarh
  • Sector 17 Chandigarh
  • Sector 18 Chandigarh
  • Sector 19 Chandigarh
  • Sector 20 Chandigarh
  • Sector 21 Chandigarh
  • Sector 22 Chandigarh
  • Sector 23 Chandigarh
  • Sector 26 Chandigarh
  • Sector 27 Chandigarh
  • Sector 29 Chandigarh
  • Sector 31 Chandigarh
  • Sector 35 Chandigarh
  • Sector 36 Chandigarh
  • Sector 59 Chandigarh
  • Sector 61 Chandigarh
  • Sector 8 Chandigarh
  • Sector 9 Chandigarh
Which media is good for which audience?

For a city like Chandigarh, where people are modern yet believe in conventional media forms, the newspaper will always be the most useful source of media advertising. People read newspapers in several dialects such as Hindi, English and Punjabi. They consider newspapers to be the most credible form of news which makes it an excellent platform for advertising. For the youth, it is the internet which is taking control over them. Children and the youth are now doing all their studying as well as recreational activities online to access information and resources from all parts of the world. We give you the opportunity to place your ads in the previously mentioned forms of media as well as Magazines, Cinemas and the Radio.


releaseMyAd@Chandigarh designs truly integrated media plans that will accomplish your business goals. Our Media Experts are sharp, inquisitive people, fully engaged in enhancing the impact of media, correspondence and our customers’ success. We pride ourselves in reaching beyond typical media agencies for inventive and effective brand communication solutions for our customers’ specific needs.